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We are a team of web based directory experts!


Our team of directory experts and advisors are passionate about helping companies and organizations create online directories that are user friendly, rank well on Google, easy to manage, provide great visibility, and add tremendous value to your organization.

The idea that web directories have to all be the same boring style and lack real functionality did not work for the founders of Custom Directories Joe Styer and Jeff Moore.  So many companies and organizations are in need of a good online directory, but there was no company that seemed to really just specialize in creating really user friendly, feature rich, easy to manage, online directories that were affordable.

We were finding companies, chamber of commerce, professional groups, associations, hotels, hobby groups, sports organizations, schools, and even government organizations that needed a web based directory for their members, employees, followers, etc. but they simply could not find a company to partner with that really knows online directories.


 Custom Directories specializes in working hand in hand with our clients to implement online directories that will wow your visitors and add real value for your members.  We are focussed on ensuring that we provide a great customer  experience when it comes to implementing a new online directory or upgrading your old online directory.

Joe, Jeff, and their Custom Directory Team are are here to help your company or organization reach your fullest potential through your online directory. Custom Directories offers multiple directory services and solutions, and we provide payment options that will allow any organization to afford a new or upgraded custom directory!

What We Offer


We start by listening to your needs and finding out about what is important to you when it comes to your online directory.  We reasearch your orgnization to understand your members/end users needs.  


Once we know excatly what your looking for, our team of Directory Experts will build your directory.  We will set it up so that once it is up, its is ready to go.  We make it easy for our members. employees,  customers, etc. to get started right away.  We provide best practices, user training, and ongoing support for our clients.


Our Online Directory Support Team will help you grow your directory by providing answer to your questions, training, and support. Your directories succes is our success. We know your members will love your new directory. We want to make it easy for you to grow and manage on an ongoing basis.

We Believe that Your Experience Begins Before You Even start to use your Directory.  Our Job is to Identify the Different Ways People will use your Directory and Deliver that Solution.

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