Great Features & Functionality


Listing Details

Enter title and description for the listing. The description area can support Social Media embeds, Videos, Images, Tables, Font Control and More.

All Devices

Directories can be accessed and used via a Desktop, Laptop, Tablet or Mobile. Most all the information added to your listing is clickable and interactive with the public.


Assign your listing to any of the available categories. You can assign each listing to one or multiple categories. If you do not assign a category your listing will not appear on the front end to the public.

Powerful Search

Our Directories allow full search of the Directory. When you create your listing an end user can search the Directory. The search will display not only the title but matches from the description also. This allows for registered users to use hashtags and other marketing strategies. 

Location and address

You can show a map with the location of the listing on the listing details page. Submit the full address first and then click on ‘Get coordinates from Google Maps API’ button. Save your entry. This address is clickable to the public for easy driving directions to the location.

Map View

The public can pull up a map and see all the pinned listings within the directory. Selecting a pin will show them deatils about that listing.

Friendly URL's

Once a registered user creates their listing, they can share the link however they wish. Their listing is essintially their own webpage to control. This allows the public to visit your page and share your link with others. 

Multiple Listings

Our Directory allows registered users to add more than one listing and manage all listings from the dashboard. You control the information the public can see.

SEO Each Listing

For search engines it is important that your listing web page have Meta tags. These Meta tags refer to your listing details page. They not only give relevant information to the search engines, but are usually used as snippets when the page appears in a search engine results page.

Listing Dashboard

Our directory allows registered users to  see when their listing was Created, Modified and Total Views. You have Full Control of your Listing. The Public will not see this information.

Photo Gallery

Our Directories allow user to upload as many images as you want for your listing. You can resize, crop, rotate, watermark and compress the uploaded images. Drag & drop to change their order. The public can open each Gallery image in a lightbox slider.

Contact Information

Our Directories allow for all contact information to be added and displayed to the public. The information is also interactive on all devices. You can add your Phone number, Fax number, Wildcard Field, Website and Email.

Social Media

Our Directories allow you to enter up to 4 of the popular social media platforms. This will display on your public listing. Remember you can also embed Facebook Like and other social media functions right in your Description also.

Mobile Tap Functions

Our Directories allow the public to interact with your listing easily from their mobile device. Call, Email Directions and More…

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